CELCE was founded in 1987. Its membership is currently over 400 and consists mostly of breweriana collectors, although there are few non beer collectors, just beer lovers. Members reside not only in Spain and Portugal, but in several other European countries and America.

Among the breweriana collectors, the most popular interests are beer labels, coasters, old beer bottles and cans, signs, cards, etc. Bottles, coasters, signs collectors focus chiefly on Spanish Breweries, while those who collect cans have a world wide interest.

CELCE organizes two big trade meetings each year which hundreds of people attend. As well we organize regional meetings in Madrid and Catalunya during the year. Our bulletin “ Celce Magazine ” is published four times a year. It conteins news, information, advertising and of course, articles related with beer collections. The views expressed in “ Celce Magazine ” are those of the authors and do not represent those of “Celce” management, who take no responsability for those views.

Membership fees are 30 euros yearly payable by bank.

Bank information: Banco Pastor, Ag. 8. Capitán Haya, 7. 28020 Madrid. Spain.
c.c. 0072 0508 59 0000106537